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We are a full service company that can help you with your constructing or renovating plans. Our in-house services can save you valuable time spent searching for separate contractors to pour you a concrete foundation or clear your land. Let us facilitate your project and speed up the process with the help of our experienced team members. We offer land clearing, grading and fill-in dirt in select areas as well as quality concrete slabs and driveways.​Helping our customers complete their projects is what we strive for. No matter the size of your project, every satisfied customer is another win in our book. Contact us and speak to our representatives or building specialist about your unresolved project and set it in gear today!

The I-MaxBeam design 
offered exclusively by Big Bear LLC. 

commercial steel building 45x40x12 and concrete

Concrete and I-MaxBeam commercial structure by Big Bear, dimensions: 45x40x14 building and 45x40x6' slab with footers

Concrete services by Big Bear LLC

I-MaxBeam Commercial Structure

Our new pre-engineered I beam model is an ideal choice for commercial building construction or category risk 2 structures, it provides increased strength and enhanced safety. This design offers many characteristics such as durability and resilience. The I-Beam trusses and leg post make for a stronger structure overall than the traditional steel buildings in the market. The open trusses give you more space and can be used for various applications whether you're constructing a facility for manufacturing, a place of worship or a spacious warehouse. 


This is a very great option for barndominiums as well which have increased in popularity due to their relatively lower cost than traditional stick built homes, as well as their functionality and modern aesthetics. This I-beam design offers easy customization and installation for your tailored needs thus making it more cost effective and faster to construct than traditional building methods. Not to mention more durable and requires less maintenance.


The I-MaxBeam is the best building option when you consider the essential factors of undertaking construction projects that require higher performance requirements, it is the most efficient option to invest in. We offer quality products and services at competitive prices so that, ultimately, you get the most value for your money without compromising on quality standards! 

commercial building IMAXbeam Ibeam structure
Commercial IBeam Structure IMAXBeam
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